The mission of the Division of Nephrology at the VCU Medical Center is to provide outstanding and compassionate care to patients, excellent teaching and training to fellows, residents, interns, and housestaff and remain a global leader in the advancement of research in order to provide effective treatment modalities in the fight against chronic kidney disease.


The vision of the Division of Nephrology at the VCU Medical Center is to mentor and impart knowledge into future physicians in that they may become productive clinicians, academicians and researchers.


The Division of Nephrology at the VCU Medical Center believes each and every patient should be recognized and valued as a human being and treated with courtesy, compassion and respect.

About Us

Ranked 28th in U.S. News and World Report Best Hospitals 2012-2013, the Division of Nephrology consists of 15 full-time clinical and research faculty, a nurse practitioner, two RNs, and one physician assistant. With a commitment locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, the Division of Nephrology serves the needs of a diverse adult nephrology patient population. Conversely, training and educating future physicians and remaining a leader in the field of nephrology, hypertension, and clinical pharmacology research are one of the passions of the faculty in the Division of Nephrology. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) education and its treatment modalities are an integral part of the teaching curriculum in the Division of Nephrology.

Clinical and basic research interests are varied and encompass renal pharmacology, cardiorenal and hepatorenal syndrome, hypertension, hemostasis in dialysis patients, whole animal research in intravascular volume regulation, molecular biology of mesangial cells and mechanisms of sodium transport. Faculty possesses advanced knowledge in the areas of renal therapies, transplantation and dialysis.

The Division of Nephrology serves central Virginia's clinical nephrology needs while educating future physicians and remaining on the cutting edge of nephrology and clinical pharmacology research.

The division supports an active clinical inpatient and outpatient service at VCU Medical Center and Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center. Daily consult and ward rounds are attended by faculty, housestaff, students and fellows. Two outpatient and two inpatient dialysis facilities are supported by the faculty. Housestaff and fellows actively participate in the dialysis units at both institutions. The division also supports an active renal transplantation program.

The nephrology division works in conjunction with the following sections/programs:

  • Renal section of the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center Headed by George Feldman, M.D.
  • Kidney and Pancreas Transplant program 
Headed by Anne King, M.D.
  • Clinical pharmacology and hypertension section 
Headed by Domenic Sica, M.D.


The division lecture and conference schedule includes renal Grand Rounds, journal club, biopsy conference, and a fellows' conference.