Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care

The Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care is a specialized group of physicians, healthcare providers, researchers and professors that provides for the unique medical and supportive care needs of patients in the greater Richmond area and throughout the state of Virginia. As part of VCU Massey Cancer Center, a NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, division members are also involved in developing the latest cancer treatments by conducting research and translating their discoveries into cutting-edge patient care. And as part of the VCU School of Medicine, division faculty, each member of our diverse faculty contributes his or her expertise and experience to our patient care, research and teaching missions. A collaborative environment among division faculty, and with other specialists from multiple disciplines, provides a comprehensive approach to patient care and physician training.

VCU Massey Cancer Center coordinates the following multidisciplinary programs:

  • Breast Health Center
  • Chest Tumors Center
  • GI Tumor Center
  • Gynecologic Oncology Clinic
  • Head and Neck Cancers Team
  • Hematological Malignancy Clinic
  • Neuro-Oncology Center
  • Urologic Tumor Center
  • Supportive Care Clinic

Inpatient clinical services offered at the VCU Medical Center on the MCV Campus in downtown Richmond include a 28-bed acute care oncology floor in the Critical Care Hospital, a 21-bed bone marrow transplantation unit and the 11-bed Thomas Palliative Care Unit. Outpatient services are provided at the flagship Dalton Oncology Clinic located in North Hospital on the MCV campus of the VCU Medical Center, and at our conveniently located suburban practice at Stony Point. Several faculty members also work in conjunction with the VA Richmond Health Care in south Richmond. In addition, the division directs the hematology-oncology services at Community Memorial Healthcenter in South Hill, VA, which are offered five days per week. Division doctors also staff the hematology-oncology clinic at Riverside Tappahannock Hospital as part of VCU Massey Cancer Center’s Rural Cancer Outreach Program

Teaching and training are core components of the practice. The division provides comprehensive clinical training in hematology, medical oncology, and palliative care.  Research training in preparation for academic careers is integral to both programs.  The division has a Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program and a Palliative Care Fellowship Program. Seasoned faculty members are often paired with young physicians training in the hematology, oncology or palliative care specialties. These learning relationships not only provide critical training for junior physicians, but also help ensure the division remains current with the latest advancements in the field and help reinforce key concepts. The didactics curriculum allows faculty and trainees to review all areas of the specialty, and weekly conferences including hematology-oncology Grand Rounds and multiple tumor-specific multidisciplinary conferences provide an opportunity to engage with experts and to learn about clinical research in the field. Practice-based learning and improvement conferences take place weekly, and regularly scheduled journal clubs provide a forum for nuanced discussion of the most recently published data.

In addition, the Thomas Palliative Care Program offers clinical training for practicing health care professionals through the Center to Advance Palliative Care Leadership Program and the Virginia Initiative for Palliative Care.

About the Chief

About the Chief

About the Chief

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dr. Renato Martins received his MD from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro before moving to the United States to complete his residency. He completed both his fellowship in Hematology and Oncology and his Masters in Public Health at Harvard University before moving back to Brazil to serve the Brazilian National Cancer Institute as the Chief of Medical Oncology. Six years later, he returned to the United States, joining the faculty at the University of Washington serving as the medical, clinical, and research program director of Thoracic/Head and Neck Oncology at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  In March 2022, Dr. Martins joined Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Internal Medicine as the Division Chief of Hematology, Oncology, and Palliative Care.                                                                                                                                                                               

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Our faculty is organized by their expertise in the following specialties:

Personalized, Coordinated, and Multidisciplinary Care:
Hematology-oncology and palliative care specialists collaborate with clinicians from many different disciplines in the area’s largest and most comprehensive multidisciplinary teams. VCU Massey Cancer Center is the leader in Central Virginia in developing and extending this highly coordinated care.

Cohesive teams of medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, pathologists, genetic counselors, clinical research nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, and social workers, among others, come together regularly to customize each individual patient’s course of treatment.

VCU Massey Cancer Center does this for more cancers and more patients than any other center in Central Virginia. This level of teamwork and communication is unparalleled and provides the highest-quality, personalized care – all culminating in better outcomes for patients.

The Advantages of Our Multidisciplinary Approach:

  • Multi-specialty consultation in one place, at one time
  • Rapid diagnosis and evaluation for early detection and development of a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Standard treatment options may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone or immunotherapies
  • Standard therapies may be combined with state-of-the-art treatment approaches such as minimally invasive ultrasonic laser surgery, microscopic or radio surgery, bone marrow or stem cell transplant, as well as other advanced technologies
  • Opportunities to enroll in clinical trials of promising new treatments and prevention methods
  • Cancer risk evaluation
  • Evaluation for possible cancer recurrence and the need for continued therapy
  • Survivorship care
  • Pain and symptom management and palliative medicine, as needed
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Counseling for patients and families
  • Education resources for cancer patients and families

Recognized with the Complex & Rare Cancer Center designation from Blue Cross & Blue Shield, VCU Massey Cancer Center excels at treating not just the most common cancers, such as breast, colorectal, prostate and lung, but also at treating the most complex and rare cancers, such as acute leukemia, primary brain cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, head and neck cancers, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. This designation is based upon the Massey specialists’ extensive depth of training, variety of specialists who work together to plan and carry out complex treatments and a high volume of rare and complex cancers.

The Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care is dedicated to the performance of cutting edge research in the Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care field. The division physicians and investigators have received significant NIH funding, and faculty members receive awards from public and private entities in support of basic and clinical research.  To find out about our clinical trials at the Massey Cancer Center visit:  https://www.masseycancercenter.org/clinical-trials.

Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care
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Clinical Offices
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Division Contacts


Renato G. Martins, MD, MPH
Professor & Chief, Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Palliative Care
Email: renato.martins@vcuhealth.org

John McCarty, MD
Director, Cellular Immunotherapies and Transplant
Phone:  (804) 628-2760
Email:  john.mccarty@vcuhealth.org

Jennifer Myers, MD – Medical Director, Ambulatory Hematology and Oncology
Phone: (804) 828-7999
Email: jennifer.myers@vcuhealth.org

Shejal Patel, DO
Medical Director, Inpatient Hematology and Oncology
Phone: (804) 828-7999
Email: shejal.patel@vcuhealth.org

Andrew Poklepovic, MD
Associate Medical Director of Clinical Research, Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center
Phone: (804) 828-7999
Email: andrew.poklepovic@vcuhealth.org

Nemer Junior El Mouallem, MD
Medical Director, CMH Cancer & Specialty Care Center in South Hill, VA
Phone: (434) 447-0876
Email: nemer.elmouallem@vcuhealth.org

Mary Helen Hackney, MD
Director, Quality Improvement
Phone: (804) 628-1933
Email: mary.hackney@vcuhealth.org


Jerry Riggins
Division Administrator
Phone: (804) 828-9643
Email: jerry.riggins@vcuhealth.org

Teri Dulong-Rae
Program Manager
Phone: (804) 628-0617
Email: teri.dulongrae@vcuhealth.org

Jonathon Pettis
Program Coordinator
Phone: (804) 628-1216
Email: jonathon.pettis@vcuhealth.org

Prasamsa Poudyal
Program Coordinator
Phone: (804) 828-5057
Email: prasamsa.poudyal@vcuhealth.org

Jillian Rountree
Project Manager
Phone: (804) 828-5662
Email: jillian.rountree@vcuhealth.org

Katie Stanley
Executive Assistant to the Chief, Senior Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (804) 828-9692
Email: katherine.stanley@vcuhealth.org