Acting Internship

The acting internship in medicine is meant to provide a structured and supervised clinical experience with in-patient internal medicine. The AI is meant to build upon the foundations of patient care skills learned during the M3 clerkship.

View VCU M4 Acting Internship (AI) Expectations (pdf)

During the four-week AI, the student should:

  • Refine history and physical examination skills
  • Understand the ethical and legal guidelines governing patient confidentiality
  • Learn to communicate with patients and patients’ family members in both a professional and humanistic fashion
  • Learn to effectively communicate with physician and non-physician members of the health care team and consultants
  • Learn how to properly transfer care throughout a patient’s hospitalization, including end-of-the-day and end-of-service coverage
  • Learn how to access clinical information at the hospital including clinical, laboratory and radiologic data
  • Be able to document the patient’s admission information, daily progress, on-call emergencies and discharge instructions
  • Refine the skills necessary to prioritize patient care needs
  • Understand the risks and benefits of invasive procedures
  • Under supervision, participate in the informed consent process
  • Arrange appropriate care and follow-up for the patient after discharge from the hospital

In addition to attending intern conferences and morning reports, AIs should focus on self-directed learning. An M4 AI-specific syllabus is found on the VCU School of Medicine website.

Textbooks for Subinternship

Textbooks of internal medicine are recommended as references. These include The ICU Book (3rd ed, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins) Marino, Paul L. and Harrison’s Principals of Internal Medicine (17th ed, McGraw Hill). AIs should review these texts as relevant to their cases, and as relevant to the materials covered in the AI/subinternship syllabus.

Other materials such as Up To Date and The Washington Manual are useful for concise reviews of selected topics.

Acting Internship Director

Adam Garber, MD
P.O. Box 980509


For scheduling your acting internship please contact:

Nancy B. Jackson
Assistant Electives Coordinator
Electives Office
VCU School of Medicine
(804) 828-9784
Fax: (804) 828-5115

Acting Internship Coordinators

Gilda Harris-Howard

Brie Dubinsky