Resident Spotlight - Dr. Christopher L. Young

Where did you grow up? Richmond, VA

Where did you attend college? Davidson College, Davidson NC

Where did you go to medical school? VCU

Describe any other occupations, degrees, careers prior to starting residency. High School Swim Coach, Clinical Trials Administratory at Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Certificate from VCU. I was also a History major at Davidson.

What do you like to do on a day off? I like going on long runs and spending time with my wife, Ashley.

What other hobbies and activities do you enjoy? Golf, swimming, all of the Richmond brewery and restaurant scene.

Why did you choose VCU for residency? I think the short answer is the people. It is an astoundingly positive atmosphere and I felt that I fit in well with the people. VCU also provides the perfect mix of scholarship at a large research university with the feel of a smaller, close-knit program.

What do you love most about the program? I would still say the people and the patients. We just have a beautiful mix of people that we interact with on a daily basis.

What do you love about Richmond? I like to say that Richmond got “cool” while we weren’t looking. I love the restaurant, outdoors, and fitness scene. There are always festivals going on and things to do. At the same time, it still often has the feel of a small town.

Describe a scholarship, research or community/committee experience that you have pursued during your time here. I’m still just getting started, so am working on this front.

How would you describe your peers? Compassionate and talented. I cannot imagine a group that is more patient-centered and driven to provide excellent care.

How would you describe the faculty members at VCU? I think the faculty members filter down to the residents and interns. They are caring and create a wonderful environment for learning.

Describe a “favorite moment” during residency. At this point I’m only a few months in so, honestly, I think my favorite moment so far was Day 1. Everyone was so incredibly supportive and helped me feel welcome.

What do you want people to know about our program? I think my take home point would be the positive learning environment and wonderful people that contribute to the core goal of any program – excellent patient care.

What do you want people to know about our city? – Richmond is an absolutely wonderful place to live, with a burgeoning social and arts scene. I think my favorite part is the feeling that there is always something to do, like you would get in a larger city, combined with the slower pace and feel of a smaller city.