Our Residents

Residents in our program play an active role in the training program as well as the day-to-day decision-making through monthly housestaff meetings, residency committees and direct contact with chief medical residents and program directors.

Housestaff Demographics

Total housestaff (including Med/Peds and EM/IM) = 142

  • Male – 56 percent
  • Female – 44 percent
  • Single – 58 percent
  • Married – 42 percent
  • With children – 10 percent


Our residents come from around the nation as well as the globe. All have diverse interests and backgrounds, yet they all share a passion or internal medicine.

VCU Residents are a diverse population coming from across the U.S. and internationally. The map below shows where current and former VCU Internal Medicine Residents have attended medical school.

Larger Map