Resident Spotlight - Dr. Ariella Krones

Where did you grow up? Frederick, MD

Where did you attend college? Barnard College

Where did you go to medical school? Ben Gurion University

Tell us a “fun fact” about yourself. I sorted and sold antique cameras in the few months before starting medical school.

What do you like to do on a day off? Walk/run the North Bank Trail and make cookies or something sweet.

What other hobbies and activities do you enjoy? On any given day I’m reading a few different things, usually something fiction, something for research, and something in the news. I’ve started to garden in my window boxes too, (though that’s space limited).

Why did you choose VCU for residency? I was looking for a program that was close to home, in a town that could get me outside easily, and was resident focused. VCU seemed to fit the bill!

What do you love most about the program? I was drawn to internal medicine because of the teamwork involved, and I’ve seen that again and again here. There is amazing collaboration among residents and among specialties.

What do you love about Richmond? I love the river, and the amount of green in spring and summer. It is also close enough to home for a weekend trip!

Describe a scholarship, research or community/committee experience that you have pursued during your time here. I’ve been involved with the GH2DP program and am designing a needs assessment for a town in Peru that VCU physicians have been visiting for over 10 years.

How would you describe your peers? Incredibly kind and invested in their patients.

How would you describe the faculty members at VCU? The faculty here are excited about teaching and learning (for us and for them).

Describe a “favorite moment” during residency. Definitely walking into work at 5am after a snowstorm, in 1-2 feet of snow, and meeting up with 2 other residents also making their way over. It was great (and beautiful) way to start the day.

What do you want people to know about our program? This program is really trying to change the way medicine is practiced to better benefit the patient, and making residents an active part in this change.

What do you want people to know about our city? There is a bakery on almost every block, and as much history in one city as the whole state.