Associate Program Directors

Top: Dr. Michael P. Stevens and Dr. Amanda George
Bottom: (From left to right) Dr. Rebecca Miller, Dr. Frank Fulco, Dr. Stephanie Call (Program Director), and Dr. Reena Hemrajani
Not Pictured: Dr. Jawad Al-Khafaji

The Associate Program Directors (APDs) in the Internal Medicine residency training program at VCUHS serve as an extension of the program director and are an integral part of the leadership team. They partner with the office staff, the chief medical residents and the program director to envision and carry out a cutting edge curriculum for educating residents. When designing and implementing curriculum, they always remain true to the program’s core values of training compassionate physicians who will be proficient as master clinicians, generalists and subspecialists, academicians and scholars and healthcare leaders who serve patients from all walks of life.

The APDs have individual niches of expertise that they bring to the program on which they present nationally in areas such as: resilience and wellness, milestones and competency based education, evaluation and feedback, innovative quality improvement curricula and healthcare disparities. The Associate Program Directors undergo extensive additional training to continue to grow in their expertise and network with other leaders across the nation to breathe new ideas into the program. They also actively work with trainees in the clinical environment as teachers, morning report and core conference facilitators, and mentors. They develop curricula to ensure that trainees are gaining expertise, not only in clinical skills but also as educators, diagnosticians and reflective practitioners. They also support faculty in their role in working with residents.

They are energized by the residents and involved in all program activities from recruitment to the annual chili cook-off to graduation. Aside from their involvement in the residency program, they are expert clinicians at VCUHS and at the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center and serve in other leadership roles within the health system and in the institution.