Below you will find information on the fellowship Conferences.  In addition you will find the Unique Learning Opportunities section below.

Conference Day/Time Frequency
Core Curriculum Mondays, 7:30 - 8:30 am Weekly
Physiology Conference Wednesdays, 7:30 - 8:30 am Weekly
Research Conference 1st Monday, 7:30 - 8:30 am Monthly
Journal Club Last Thursday of month, 6:00 - 7:00 pm Monthly
Critical Care Ultrasound Wednesdays, 7:30 - 8:30 am Weekly
Chest Radiology Conference Fridays, 7:30 - 8:30 am Weekly
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Thursdays at Noon Weekly
Graduate Medical Education (GME) Research Series 10-Week Series from July to September Annually
GME Core Lecture Series Thursdays, 7 to 8am Weekly

Conferences Descriptions

Core Curriculum
A weekly, one-hour didactic format covering clinical topics in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Topics are covered on a rotating basis over the three-year fellowship. Lecturers include PCCM fellows and PCCM faculty as well as faculty from outside the division where beneficial by topic (i.e. neurosurgery, infectious disease, GI, renal, cardiology, endocrine, trauma surgery, etc.) The senior fellow typically coordinates the topics and speakers with the program director.

Physiology Conference 
This is both a didactic and interactive series. Fellows are given a series of relevant articles to read and discuss with a faculty moderator as well as “homework” assignments to share with the other fellows.

Research Conference
A monthly seminar-style conference with the goal of exposing participants to ongoing pulmonary and critical care research and to provide a forum for discussion as well as to educate participants in fundamental research techniques and skills related to sharing results. Participants are drawn from both within and outside the division.

Journal Club
This conference is held on a monthly basis and consists of two parts. The first part is a “what’s new this month” or “Around the World” journal watch type of review. Fellows are assigned a major journal to track throughout the year and report briefly on any relevant articles that month that others may want to read in more detail. The second part is a more “traditional” journal club style presentation in which one or two fellows critically review a major article(s). During these discussions, attention is paid not only to the outcome, but also the process and potential bias and errors. This conference is typically held at one of our many amazing local restaurants in town.

Chest Radiology Conference
This is a weekly, multidisciplinary conference that includes all PCCM faculty and fellows, thoracic radiology, thoracic surgery and pathology. The first part of the conference always starts with a “case of the week.” Participants are asked to identify the abnormality and generate a differential diagnosis. The radiograph typically illustrates either a classic radiographic sign or an unusual finding. The PCCM fellow prepares this part of the presentation in conjunction  with…. The rest of the conference is either a focused, topic-based discussion or a series of current cases illustrating key teaching points. The overall curriculum is based on the curriculum developed by the Thoracic Radiology Society.  This is supplemented by the timely use of current cases.

Institution Sponsored Conferences include:

  • Internal Medicine Grand Rounds and CPC (both MCVH/VCUHS and McGuire VAMC)
  • Departmental Morbidity and Mortality
  • Department of Internal Medicine - Emergency Medicine Conference
  • Department of Internal Medicine - Surgery Conference

Core Lecture Series:

  • GME Research Series
  • GME Lecture Series: 
    This conference is held throughout the year at VCUHS. Topics include quality improvement, professionalism, risk management, health care organization, world health issues, medical delivery systems, etc. In addition, the GME office sponsors the institutional orientation that all incoming interns, residents and fellows must attend (topics include teamwork, patient safety, effective communication, handoffs, consultation, supervision, etc)

Unique Learning Opportunities

Simulation Center Activities

  • Airway management
  • ACLS Team-based Training
  • Critcal Care Ultrasound
  • Bronchoscopy simulator