Work-Life Expecations

Vacation Time

Each fellow is allowed three weeks of vacation per training year. The time is generally taken as either one of the following:

      1. Three 7-day vacations
      2. One 7-day vacation and one 14-day vacation.

Additionally, each fellow is given five days off during the December holiday period.

Night Coverage

The hematology-oncology fellows provide at-home night and weekend coverage for the outpatient clinic patients, in-hospital consults, and requests for admission/transfer to the hematology and oncology teams. The fellows are expected to return to the hospital as needed while on call to see urgent consults which are then staffed with the attending physician on call. Additionally, the attending physicians provide back-up, supervision, and escalation along with feedback on the triage decisions made by the fellow. Nighttime at-home call is distributed amongst all fellows throughout the three years of training.

Fellows' Perspectives on the Program

"The attendings are always available for any type of support and they care about our education."

James Qu, MD
Class of 2018

Internal medicine residents and faculty members provide in-house coverage for admissions and cross-coverage related to the inpatient hematology and oncology services at night.

The bone marrow transplant services are covered separately. They have an in-house nurse practitioner six out of seven nights of the week.  While on the inpatient and ambulatory bone marrow transplant services, the fellow takes night call from home on alternating nights with the transplant attendings as back-up to the nurse practitioner. 

Weekend Coverage

Fellows are given one day off in seven averaged over the 4-week block while on the inpatient hematology and oncology services, the inpatient and outpatient bone marrow transplant services, and the consult services. All other clinical rotations are weekdays only unless on call.

When on consult call over a weekend, the fellows see during the day all new consults at both the VCU and Veterans hospitals, which are then staffed with the attending on call for the weekend. Additionally, the on-call fellowrounds on existing consults followed at the VCU and Veterans hospitals as determined by the consult team at the time of weekend check-out or as warranted by changes in a patient’s condition.