Conference Day/Time Frequency
Fellows Pre-Clinic Conference 1 hour before fellows' scheduled continuity clinic Twice Weekly
Fellows' Core Oncology Conference Tuesdays at 4 pm Weekly
Fellows' Core Hematology Conference Wednesday at 7 am Weekly
Division Conference Tuesdays at 5 pm Weekly
Urologic Oncology Conference First Friday of each month Monthly
Oncologic Pharmacy Series Wednesdays Monthly
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Thursdays at Noon Weekly
Graduate Medical Education Research for Residents and Fellows 10-Week Series from July to September Annually
Multidisciplinary Disease-Focused Conferences Prior to the appropriate multidisciplinary clinic Weekly
Hematopathology Consensus Conference Wednesdays at 1:30 pm Weekly
Stem Cell Transplantation and Pre-Transplant Case Conferences Tuesdays at 12:30pm & Fridays at Noon Weekly
Stem Cell Transplant Post-Transplant Case Conferences Every other Wednesday at 8:30 am Bi-Weekly
Cancer Center Basic Science and Psychosocial Oncology Conferences Varies Varies


Core Conferences

Fellows’ Pre-clinic Conference
The biweekly fellows’ pre-clinic conference is focused on patient management through multi-disciplinary discussion prior to each continuity clinic. The fellows discuss the patients they are scheduled to see that day and present their evaluation and management plans along with their independently obtained, evidence-based rationale. The clinic faculty member is present to facilitate and guide the discussion along with providing additional insight and supervision.

Fellows’ Core Oncology Conference
The fellows’ core oncology conference is a weekly didactic series presented by the faculty and focused on a mix of basic science and clinical topics related to oncologic disorders. The conference begins each summer with a series of lectures covering core hematology-oncology emergencies and fundamental topics. The remainder of the series consists of an 18-month curriculum that repeats twice during the course of a fellow’s training.

Fellows’ Core Hematology Conference
The fellows’ core hematology conference is a weekly mix of interactive didactics and case-based discussions facilitated by a faculty member and focused on basic science, pathophysiology, and clinical management topics related to benign hematologic disorders. Like the oncology conference, this conference begins each summer with a series of lectures covering core hematology-oncology emergencies and fundamental topics. Directed to insure a curriculum that covers the spectrum of topics, the content is generally flexible to allow discussion of cases recently seen in any one of the clinical venues. A digital microscope and video system facilitates live-time viewing of the pathology specimens for correlation of the case discussion with the hematologic morphology.

Hematology, Oncology, and Palliative Care Division Conferences
The division conference is held weekly on a rotating monthly schedule as follows:

1st Tuesday Journal Club
2nd Tuesday Fellows conference (a mix of fellow-led didactics, quality improvement and research presentations)
3rd Tuesday Faculty meeting (while fellows conduct a self-directed  board review exam question session)
4th Tuesday Faculty/Visiting Lecturer
5th Tuesday Division event

Urologic Oncology Grand Rounds
Urologic oncology grand rounds is a monthly didactic lecture series presented in rotation by urology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology, which focuses on issues pertaining to cancers of the urologic system. The first-year fellows are responsible for preparing and presenting at this conference once on a topic of their choice.

Oncologic Pharmacology Series
The oncologic pharmacology series meets throughout the year to discuss each class of oncologic agents. The series focuses on the pharmacology, clinical indications, toxicities, and utilization of the agents. The series repeats itself annually and is presented by the oncology PharmD faculty to both the hematology-oncology fellows and the oncology PharmD interns.

Core Departmental Conferences

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds
Weekly department-wide didactics presented by department faculty and visiting professors.

Core Lecture Series

Graduate Medical Education Research for Residents and Fellows
The graduate medical education research series is a weekly series running July through September for housestaff members that will provide the core knowledge essential to understanding and engaging in research and scholarly activities. The series also introduces the learner to the staff and institutional infrastructure available to assist investigators.

Special Focus Conferences

Cancer Center Basic Science and Psychosocial Oncology Conferences
Researchers from VCU and from outside institutions present at the cancer center scientific and psychosocial conferences discussing the current science and future direction of investigation in oncology.

Multidisciplinary Disease-Focused Conferences
The multidisciplinary conferences consist of case-based discussions among specialists from medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, transplantation, interventionalists, radiology, pathology, research staff, and others to develop coordinated care plans. Such conferences include breast oncology, thoracic oncology, gastrointestinal oncology, urologic oncology, and hematologic malignancies

Weekly Hematopathology Consensus Conference
The weekly hematopathology consensus conference reviews the interesting bone marrow specimens and peripheral blood smears in conjunction with relevant immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular markers. The hematopathologists discuss the challenging cases as they reach a diagnostic consensus.

Stem Cell Transplantation Donor Conference 
The stem cell transplantation donor conference is a weekly meeting to discuss issues related to donor selection and stem cell source selection as they relate to patients seen in consultation by the bone marrow/stem cell transplantation program.