In addition to the assessment and therapy of patients with a broad spectrum of rheumatologic, allergic and immunologic disorders, the Division has an active program of clinical trials to examine new therapeutic agents for the treatment of rheumatic and allergic/immunologic diseases.

Research interests of the faculty include the genetics of rheumatic diseases, and the basic and translational aspects of mast cells. Current projects examine desensitization of human mast cells as mechanism producing clinical tolerance, the role of adenosine in mast cell biology, the utility of tryptase as a biomarker for mast cell-mediated disease, the biochemistry of tryptase, the involvement of complement in mast cell biology, and the ability of mast cells to serve as an antigen presenting cell.

The division also has a diagnostic immunology lab that performs special tests to assess mast cell disorders such as systemic anaphylaxis and systemic mastocytosis.