Housestaff are invited to design and/or participate in investigations supervised by infectious diseases faculty as research electives. The primary foci of research in the Division are healthcare epidemiology, HIV clinical trials and the genetic basis of antibacterial resistance in staphylococci.

  • Clinical trials in HIV-infected patients
    Veronica Ayala-Sims, Suzanne Lavoie, Daniel Nixon
  • Global Health 
    Gonzalo Bearman, Michael Stevens, Richard Wenzel
  • Translational virology
    Daniel Nixon
  • Epidemiology of health care associated-infections
    Gonzalo Bearman, Michael Climo, Michael Stevens, Richard Wenzel, Edward Wong
  • Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria  
    Gordon Archer, Michael Climo
  • Antimicrobial utilization  
    Michael Stevens
  • Antimicrobial pharmacoepidemiology  
    Amy Pakyz, Ron Polk, Michael Stevens
  • Clinical microbiology
    Betty Forbes, Chris Doern