Division of Hospital Medicine


The research conducted at the Division of Hospital Medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University is diverse. The diversity of research interests of our hospitalists is reflected in research studies that are currently underway within the Division of Hospital Medicine.

Research Studies

  1. Pharmacogenomics of Antiplatelet Response (PARes Study) [PI: Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA] https://www.ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT02234427; NCT01815008; NCT01894555.
  2. Prediction of GVHD in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients using Exome Sequencing [PI: Amir Toor, MD]
  1. Effect of Physician Burnout on Patient-Centered Outcomes [PI: Georgia McIntosh, MD]
  2. Health Care Quality in the STEEP Framework [PI: Alan Dow, MD, MSHA]
  3. Patient problems Identified after discharge during Post-Discharge Phone Calls [PI: Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA]
  1. Coaching the Clinical Coach: Peer Observation of Bedside Teaching Rounds [PI: Kimberly Pedram, MD]
  2. Perceptions and Knowledge Acquisition During Grand Rounds [PI: Leah Couture, MD]
  3. IPASS RAMS Study [Rajesh Venkata Konjeti, MD]
  1. Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate and Readmissions in Patients with Acute Exacerbation of COPD [PI: Arash Samarghandi, MD]
  2. Patients’ Perceptions of Relative Importance of Discharge Elements (PRIDE) Study [PI: Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA]
  3. Measuring Patient Satisfaction using Five-Item Patient Satisfaction Tool: Assessment and Validation [PI: Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA]
  4. The Effects of Medicare Penalties on 30-Day Readmission Rates [PI: Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA]
  5. The Relationship between COPD Readmission Penalties and Mortality [PI: Arash Samarghandi, MD]
  6. Effect of Post-Discharge Follow-up Phone Calls on Patient Satisfaction and Readmission Rates [PI: Benjamin Chopski, DO]
  7. The Effects of Including Patient Information in DRG-based LOS to Improve Actual LOS Prediction [PI: Vimal Mishra, MD]
  8. Predicting LOS Using Machine Learning Tools [PI: Vimal Mishra, MD]
  1. Workplace Engagement and Burnout Study (WEBS) [PI: Georgia McIntosh, MD]
  2. Facial Recognition of the Provider Stress and Burnout [PI: Jonathan DeShazo, PhD and Colin Banas, MD, MSHA]
  3. Burnout, Work Engagement, & Empathy – Study in collaboration with University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga [PI: Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA]
  1. The Relationship between Platelet-Lymphocyte Ratio and All-Cause Mortality in General Population [PI: Kanupriya Mathur, MD]
  2. The Association between Serum Vitamin D Levels and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in the Adult Population of the Unites States [PI: Amr Marawan, MD]
  3. The Association between Anti-Mullerian Hormone and C-Reactive Protein in Men [PI: Dinesh Kadariya, MD]
  4. The Association between Urinary Genistein Levels and Mortality among Adults in the United States [PI: Carolyn Marcelo, MD]
  1. Functional Pain Assessment in Sickle Cell Patients [PI: Margaret Guy, MD]
  2. Effects of Mobility on Improvement of Pain in Sickle Cell Patients [PI: Jessica Keiser, MD]
  1. Procedural Medicine [PI: Manpreet Malik, MD]
  2. Obtaining Venous Access in Hospitalized Patients [PI: Evan Ritter, MD]
  3. Does Ultrasound Guidance Reduce Complications in Inpatient Paracentesis? [PI: Benjamin Chopski, DO]

Recent Publications

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