Clinical Services

VCU Medical Campus

The Division of Geriatrics provides these comprehensive services through the VCU Medical Campus:

Palliative Care
PACE (Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly)
Clinical Administration
After Hours




    Ambulatory Care Center

    The outpatient geriatric clinic operates Monday through Friday in the Ambulatory Care Center, second floor) at 11th and Clay Street in downtown Richmond.  It is a team effort started in 1999 with three faculty members (Boling, Habib, Hobgood) now working in collaboration with four nurse practitioners (Parsons, Purvis, Sargent, and one under recruitment).  Clinicians provide geriatric consultation, as well as primary care services and coordination of care. Providers from the clinical team are on-site every day of the week.  Patients that require other services in the geriatric continuum of care are seen at home, in nursing homes, or in the hospital and will be referred within the Geriatrics program to other team members on request and as needed.

    In addition, Arline Bohannon is medical director for the Virginia Coordinated Care Complex Care Clinic, operating in ACC-2 and a new geriatric medicine outpatient teaching clinic, operated in conjunction with the internal medicine residency program.

    Ambulatory Care Center Contact number: (804) 828-9357

    House Calls

    VCU House Calls is the oldest of our clinical programs, originating in 1984. The base of operations is in North Hospital downtown.  Clinical staff members make home visits every weekday during daylight hours to provide both ongoing primary care as well as urgent care for the patients.  There is a weekly team meeting on Tuesday from 8:30 to 10 during which the team discusses difficult cases. The House Calls program is best considered a doctor’s office on wheels for people that are too sick to come to clinic.  Criteria for enrollment include accepting our providers for primary care, living within 15 miles from the hospital, being unable to leave home to be seen in clinic without great effort, being adult (no pediatrics currently), and having capacity in the program which is limited by the number of providers.  The House Calls program has been accredited by the Joint Commission since 1997 and is proud of having a perfect survey in 2012.  The clinical team in House Calls includes physicians Linda Abbey, Peter Boling, and Rachel Selby Penczak; nurse practitioners Tammy Krukiel, Ruth Wiese, Beth Hungate and Susanna Payne; and social worker and geriatric care manager Gale Davis. VCU House Calls is proud to have helped create and now to be participating in the federal Independence at Home demonstration program.

    House Calls Contact Number: (804) 828-4624

    Transitional Care

    VCUHS Transitional Care, established in 2000, is modeled after Mary Naylor’s program in Philadelphia and involves nurse practitioners that see patients in the VCU Medical Center and then manage their care for several weeks, making home visits and coordinating care, until patients are able to return to their usual clinic providers, or are determined to require permanent enrollment in House Calls.  Enrollment is made on specific referral of high-risk patients from medical center inpatient staff using on-line triggers and pathways.  Clinical staff members include Beth Hungate, Susanna Payne, and Marie Gerardo. 

    Transitional Care Contact Number: (804) 828-4624

    Inpatient Consults

    The inpatient geriatric consult service was launched in 2002 and then revamped in 2009 under the expert leadership of Dr. Sarah Hobgood. Geriatric consults are performed every weekday, for older patients needing pre-operative, peri-operative and post-operative geriatric care, as well as patients who course of inpatient care or post-hospital care planning has become particularly complicated.  There a particularly strong relationship with Orthopedics, Trauma and Neurosurgery services, but Geriatric Medicine “covers the house.”  The consult service is supported by residents from Internal Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery, as well as by Geriatric fellows. Dr. Hobgood is involved in evaluation of the consult service and performance improvement efforts related to inpatient geriatric care. Consults are usually requested on-line or by pager. The consult service works closely with the other clinical components of the Division to provide inpatient support when patients from the group practice require inpatient care.

    Inpatient Consults Contact Number: (804) 828-5306

    Nursing Home Program (Long Term Care)

    As part of the continuum of geriatric care, the VCU Division of Geriatric Medicine provides care to patients in several Richmond area nursing homes, in a program that started in 1996.  These homes include Lexington Court, Beth Sholom, Laurels of University Park, Westport, Manor Care Stratford Hall, Envoy of Stratford Hills, Lucy Corr, Sitter and Barfoot, and Henrico Health Care.  On occasion we have followed patients at several other facilities including Hanover Health Care, Covenant Woods, Laurels of Willow Creek, Laurels of Bon Air, Manor Care Imperial.  There are facilities where we accept patients from outside hospitals (Lucy Corr, Lexington Court, Beth Sholom).  Other patients are referred from VCU Medical Center, and in particular many are from our established geriatric care population as part of our commitment to the continuum of care.  Nursing home visits for both scheduled and urgent care are made every weekday and sometimes evenings and weekends, at the discretion of the clinical staff.  The clinical team includes physicians Peter Boling, Arline Bohannon, Nalini Morishetty, and Saima Habib as well as nurse practitioners Coleen Kenny and Cindy Rollins.

    Nursing Home Program Contact Number: (804) 828-5306

    Palliative Care

    Since 2009, Dr. Rachel Selby-Penczak has been increasingly involved in Palliative Care, working as an inpatient attending on the Smith Palliative Care service at VCU medical center.  In 2011 Dr. Selby Penczak helped open the new and successful Horizons hospice office in metro Richmond as the lead medical director, and in 2012 Sarah Hobgood joined Rachel as an associate medical director. 

    Palliative Care Contact Number: (804) 828-4624

    PACE (Program for All Inclusive Care of the Elderly)

    In 2009, VCU joined in a contractual partnership with Riverside Health System to provide medical services at two PACE sites now operating in greater Richmond, one on Gordon Avenue (701)  which was a capacity of about 155, and one on McTavish Street which has a capacity of 180. PACE is a unique program primarily for low income older individuals who are clinically eligible for nursing home care and covered by Medicare and Medicaid. There is a wonderful comprehensive adult day health center that provides a rich menu of services on weekdays. PACE also provides transportation and coordinates and pays for all other aspects of enrolled beneficiaries’ health care. Geriatricians at the PACE sites are Rashmi Chandekar (McTavish) and Sarita Golikeri (Gordon Avenue). 

    Clinical Administration

    The Division provides a variety of contractual services designed to enhance quality of care. These currently include nursing home medical director positions at Beth Sholom (Morishetty) and Lucy Corr (Bohannon), as well as Horizons Hospice (Selby-Penczak, Hobgood). Peter Boling has served as a medical advisor and medical director in nursing home care settings (7 years), various home health agencies including a role as a member of the Strategic Advisory Board for Amedisys which is the largest private home care agency in the US, and hospices.  Boling and Parsons have provided services as federal monitors for distressed nursing homes.  Working with Jay Holdren, Peter Boling is an internal advisor to VCU Health System in developing initiatives in the continuum of geriatric care and holds specific roles as director of long term care for the health system and as a geriatrician consultant to Virginia Premier Health plan.

    After Hours

    Coverage of the geriatric clinical service is provided 24-7-365 by a faculty member, available at (804) 828-5306.

McGuire VAMC Clinical Services

  • The VAMC staff members of the Division provide services at the following locations:
  • Geriatric Health Care Center (outpatient clinic)
  • Nursing Home Care Unit 
  • Inpatient Hospice Unit
  • Home-based primary care