VCU Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program

Adult CF Program Team

Because Cystic Fibrosis is a multi-organ system disease that affects the lives of both the patient and his/her family, the Adult CF Program Team includes a healthcare professionals.
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      Team Member Descriptions

      Pulmonary Physician
      We have one CF physician who is responsible for pulmonary care in both the outpatient clinic and in-patient management of adult patients with CF in central virginia. In addition to caring for patients, our physician participate in laboratory research and direct both investigator-initiated clinical trials and those initiated through the CF TDN. Our physician strive to provide optimal clinical care for our patients while conducting research that will increase our understanding of CF and improve the lives of our patients.

      Nurse Coordinator
      The Adult CF Clinic at VCU has one nurse coordinator who organize clinic and schedule patients, necessary procedures, follow-up clinic visits and hospital admissions. Nurse coordinate care between patients and physicians, endocrinologist, dietitian, social worker and respiratory therapist. In addition, nurse take care of insurance precertification for clinic visits, laboratory procedures and hospital admissions.

      Respiratory Therapist
      Respiratory therapist is available at all clinic visits. RTs are responsible for the following:

      • Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs)
      • Sputum induction
      • Education on Airway Clearance Techniques (ACTs) and Nebulizers

      Registered Dietitian
      A registered dietitian (RD) is available to help CF patients optimize their nutritional status. When a person's nutrition status is better, so is his or her lung function. The RD's goal is to help an adult CF patient personalize nutrition-related goals to his or her own lifestyle. Nutrition visits include discussing the following:

      • Personalizing weight goals
      • Achieving optimal vitamin and mineral levels
      • Accessing nutrition support programs
      • Optimizing pancreatic enzyme dosing
      • Pregnancy and lactation
      • Bone health
      • CF Related Diabetes

      Social Worker
      Social workers in the CF team have an important role to play in helping patients and their families cope more effectively with the inevitable stress of having a chronic illness. By acting as an advocate for patients, social work assessments guide CF patients toward the following:

      • Income support
      • Housing resources
      • Education/college grants
      • Help with employment
      • Liaison with other agencies
      • Financial and benefit advice and how to apply for disability
      • Insurance related queries

      Research Coordinator
      We have one research coordinator who prepare Institutional Review Board (IRB) submissions for new research studies, including research study protocol summaries, consent forms, assent forms and required IRB forms, as well as protocol amendments, safety updates, and serious adverse events. These studies are part of the CF TDN or investigator-initiated by our physicians.