VCU Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program

Clinic Information

The Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic is an outpatient service of the Division of Pulmonology, Department of Internal Medicine.

VCU Adult CF Program - Mayland Clinic

The Adult CF Clinic at the Mayland Clinic

The VCU Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic is at The Mayland Clinic.

    3470 Mayland Court
    Henrico, Virginia 23233

    For an appointment, please call:

The VCU Adult Clinic follows nearly 70 adults in central Virginia. We are part of the National Therapeutics Development Network (TDN), a network of nearly 80 CF Clinical Research Centers dedicated to conducting clinical trials in order to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new CF therapies.

Clinic Days/Hours

  • Routine Follow-up Visits are provided in the clinic on Wednesdays from 8AM-5PM by physician and the CF Team.
  • Sick Visits may be seen Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM in clinic if schedule permit or a referral will be made to be seen by ER physicians.
  • Physician visits: Wednesday 8AM-5PM
  • Urgent care visit for CF-related problems: Scheduled M-F per physician availability

For urgent/emergent CF-related problems after business hours or on weekends, patients should call 804-828-0951 and ask to speak to the pulmonary fellow on call. A pulmonary fellow will discuss your emergency with your CF physician.

Facts About CF

Improved treatment for children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and better diagnostic testing for adults with unusual expressions of CF have steadily increased the number of adults who need specialized care for this disease.

Nearly half of all patients with CF are now 18 years of age, or older.

Click the link to the PDF below to learn about visiting the VCU Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic:
• What To Expect At Your VCU Clinic Visit •

New infection control practices have begun in the Adult CF Clinic.
All patients will call upon arriving at the clinic and all patients with CF will wear a mask inside the clinic. (Masks will be available at the entrance of Mayland Clinic.)
For their safety, patients with CF should also maintain a distance of six feet from one another at all times.
Click here to view the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) Infection Control Guidelines.

Below you will find further clinic information for the following details:
Initial Visits | Follow Up Visits | Missed/Late Arrival for Appointments | Medication Refills

    Initial Visit

    1. A patient's primary care physician or representative will contact the adult cystic fibrosis clinic staff and/or the adult cystic fibrosis clinic director to give a referral and to request a first appointment.
    2. The PCP will fax or mail current medical records on the referred patient including the reason a referral is requested.
    3. Upon receiving the information, the patient will be contacted via telephone or mail by the adult cystic fibrosis clinic staff informing them of the dates for the next available appointment.
    4. Should the patient be referred by the children's cystic fibrosis clinic for transition to the adult cystic fibrosis clinic, the provider and/or representative will contact the adult cystic fibrosis provider or staff to schedule an appointment.
    5. The children's cystic fibrosis clinic provider will facilitate the transition by speaking with the patient and family and the adult provider will be contacted to meet the patient/family on the last Pediatric cystic fibrosis clinic appointment if possible.

    Follow Up Visits

      Follow Up Visits will be scheduled quarterly as per the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) guidelines, or sooner if there is an acute CF-related problem that needs to be addressed. Routine primary care should be provided by the patient's primary care physician.

    Missed/Late Arrival for Appointments

    1. To avoid being rescheduled, patients must call if they will arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment.
    2. If a patient arrives more than 30 minutes late for an appointment, the patient may be rescheduled for the next available appointment.
    3. After two missed appointments (does not apply to appointments cancelled by patient prior to date of appointment) without prior notification by the patient, the patient will receive a phone call and written letter from the clinic informing them that they have missed two appointments. If a third appointment is missed without notifying the CF Clinic, this will be viewed as failure of the patient to participate responsibly in his or her own medical care. In this situation, the CF Clinic reserves the right to ask the patient to seek healthcare elsewhere as this behavior hinders the ability of the CF healthcare providers and staff to effectively care for the patient, and to effectively schedule clinic visits for other CF patients.
    4. Missed appointments will be documented in the patient's medical record.

    Medication Refills

    1. During clinic appointments, patients should make a request to staff and provider for medication refills that are needed. Refills can be e-prescribed or called in to the patient's pharmacy of choice, or the patient may receive a hard copy.
    2. If a patient needs refills prior to the next clinic visit, the patient must call the CF nurse to make the request.
    3. If more than 6 months has passed since the last clinic visit, the patient must be seen before refills will be provided.
    4. Prior to being evaluated by the VCU CF Clinic, new patients should call their previous provider for medication refills.

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