Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO

The Virginia Opioid Addiction Treatment ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes), a collaborative exchange of knowledge among providers across the Commonwealth, open to all practicing and licensed clinicians. Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech Carilion are partnering with the Virginia Department of Health, and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, to attack the opioid crisis.

Take the opportunity to submit and discuss your de-identified case study for feedback from an addiction specialist team. To submit a case for presentation during an ECHO clinic, please complete the Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO Presentation Form (via REDCap).

ECHO Clinic Hub Rotations

Each of the learning institutions host cohort-based TeleECHO Clinics with VCU serving as a Clinical Hub and Administrative Hub.

Clinical Directors:

VCU Health: Mishka Terplan, MD, MPH, FACOG, FASAM
University of Virginia: Richard Lawrence Merkel, MD, PhD
Virginia Tech Carilion Clinics: Cheri W. Hartman, PhD

Schedule of Clinical Hubs:

VCU Health: May 18- July 27, bi-weekly Fridays. Register now!
University of Virginia: September - December 2018
Virginia Tech Carilion Clinics: January - April 2019

Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO Curriculum

Module Topic Faculty & Date Objectives
Foundations: The Opioid Epidemic, Opioid Use Disorders, and The Virginia Response Introduction to Opioid Use Disorder Faculty:
Dr. Mishka Terplan

Dr. Lori Keyser-Marcus

May 18, 2018
-Define opioids
- Review opioid intoxication
- Understand the opioid epidemic
- Learn about harms from opioids
- Know criteria for opioid use disorder (OUD)
- Understand role of primary care teams in addressing OUD
- Confront stigma
Identify and Defining Opioid Use Disorders Identifying Addiction in Primary Care Faculty:
Dr. Mishka Terplan

Dr. Lori Keyser-Marcus

July 13, 2018
- Describe simple screening and referral approaches for primary care such as SBIRT
- Name red flags for addiction
- Identify other processes such as urine drug screens, pharmacy monitoring programs, and opioid use agreements that help identify individuals with addiction>
Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders Medications for Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders Faculty:
Dr. Mishka Terplan

Dr. Lori Keyser-Marcus

July 27, 2018
- Compare and contrast the medications commonly used for treatment of Opioid use disorders including indications, side effects, and regulatory concerns
- Plan strategies to integrate medication for Opioid use disorders into practice
Counselling and Other Support for Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders Faculty:
Dr. Mishka Terplan

Dr. Lori Keyser-Marcus

June 15, 2018
- Describe the different evidence-based methods to support recovery from Opioid use disorders
- Relate how to integrate these methods with medication therapy
Harm Reduction of Opioids Faculty:
Dr. Mishka Terplan

June 1, 2018
- Describe approaches to reduce harm from Opioids including: monitoring of the PMP, naloxone co-prescribing, medication storage and disposal, and screening for infectious disease
- Identify Virginia regulatory requirements for harm reduction
Advance Topics in Opioid Use Disorders Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Faculty:
Dr. Mishka Terplan

Dr. Lori Keyser-Marcus

June 29, 2018
- Relate the underlying theory of motivational interviewing
- Relate some approaches to encourage and support change in individuals with Opioid use disorders

Printable curriculum (pdf)