Why VCU? Here Are Some Unique Aspects of the Program:

  • Education is the No. 1 priority of this department.
  • Innovations in education — From partnering with our theater friends to teach interpersonal communications to innovative lecturing styles such as team learning, we embrace new modes of education and encourage creativity in our faculty and in our residents.
  • State-of-the-art hospital facilities — including electronic medical records at both VCU Medical Center and Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center.
  • Our inpatient clinical partners — the hospitalists at VCU Medical Center.
  • Residents as educators — Not only the emphasis on faculty as educators at our institution, but we spend time, energy and funding training our housestaff in clinical teaching skills.
  • Residents as partners — Each resident is an active contributor to the institutions in which he or she practices, serving on at least one academic or clinical committee during the training period.
  • The patients — The breadth of pathology and diversity of diseases to which residents are exposed by working with our patients is unparalleled. Pick any page in Harrison’s or Cecil’s and we’ve probably seen it this year.
  • Women’s health is a departmental focus area.